Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was quiet but nice this year. My mom and stepdad held the last hurrah celebration at their place because they are moving next Friday! It was small - just the three of them, the three of us, and my grandparents. Both the other sibs, spouses, and kids went to the in-laws. Although it was small, it was very nice! Our biggest challenge was keeping Faith occupied with no cousins and all of the grandkid toys either packed up or gone. Bless Auntie Chelle for stepping up to the plate and getting in some quality aunt-niece time - love you darlin'!

Then Dan and Faith were off to Chicago-land to see that side of the family. I stayed home because I was supposed to help mom pack - but she didn't need me. So I went all crafty - making a Christmas surprise for Faith and some other things I picked up at a JoAnn Fabrics sale - I may be finishing craft projects up to the day before Christmas!!

Faith and Dan decided that two nights away from mommy is too long - they can't keep themselves organized for that long!! Gotta love them!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another funeral

My sister is coming down for the sixth or seventh funeral of a high school classmate's parent. While it is a sad occasion, I'm actually kind of glad! I'm going to get some quality niece and nephew time on Saturday and Faith will get some cousin time also. Only her oldest won't be here because he has a hockey game and my BIL is a coach.

The two older girls will be in Barbie and American girl heaven, while I'll get some serious play time with the little ones - yeah!