Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soccer Action

Yesterday's game: Faith did super on defense.

And not too bad on offense!
Our team made 5 goals and only allowed 1!!!


My grandparents are moving from their two bedroom apartment into a one bedroom apartment. This has been very stressful for both of them - lots of worries about what to do with all the stuff won't fit into the new place - some of which has been moved with them and cherished (or at least stored) since college some 60 years ago.

I'm the oldest grandchild - only ten years younger than their youngest child. Right now, I'm also the one who lives closest to them. This has been great in many ways - Faith loves to go and visit their house and I'm only minutes away if they need something. Their new place will be farther away for me, but probably better for them. It's close to their church and to many of the places they like to go to.

Gma and Gpa have always been there for me. I think it was their faith and belief that eventually brought me back into fully practicing my religion. It's been hard seeing them grow older. They were such young grandparents - my memories of them are so different than my youngest cousins' memories! In many ways, they are like another set of parents to me. I guess this experience of seeing them grow older and more dependent is giving me some practice for what I may be experiencing with my own parents some years down the road. Though I look at my grandparents and then at my still working, extremely active parents and step-parents, and hope that it will be many, many years until that happens.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall Soccer

Today was the first game that Faith's team played this season. It's a big change for them. They are used to playing 4 on 4, with no goalie, no ref, the coach on the field, and for 4 10 minute quarters.

NOW they play 6 on 6, with a goalie, a ref, the coach off the field, and for 2 25 minute halves. Plus the parents are on the other side of the field from the players so they can't go hang with mom and dad when they aren't in the game!

I was so impressed with all of the kids on the team! We only have 10 kids all together and 2 of them weren't there today. Which meant they got A LOT of playing time. No one was whining about how long they had to play or asking to be subbed out after only playing for 2 minutes - they have grown up a little bit since the spring. They are starting to catch on about what each position does, passing the ball, and dribbling it instead of just kicking it away from where you are.

They only thing that went wrong was that the manager forgot to have a parent assigned to bring a snack and beverage for after the game. So the manger (ME!) had to quick run to the grocery store during the first half and pick up some snacks and beverages. Good thing everyone liked bananas and Sunny D!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day weekend @ Church

Today at choir - 3 basses, 3 tenors, 3 musicians, 1 director, and ME - somehow I think the balance between voices wasn't quite right! But we did our best and I think we sounded ok - if a bit out of balance.

The best part was when Faith came over and sang with us - she's not quite tall enough to sing directly into the mike, but if she stands on a chair she's too tall!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Third Grade

Faith is having fun so far this year in 3rd grade - and boy does it feel strange to know that my baby is that big! She loves her teacher, likes almost all the kids in her class (most of the time!), and is even not too cranky about having homework.

She came home this week twice with math homework concepts that some of my fifth graders are having challenges with. Not my girl. I asked if she wanted me to check it over, and she said "Ok, but Mom, I know they're all right." And they were! I'm hoping it's because she's such a great mathematician not that her teacher is a better math instructor than I am!!

Her latest project is a "Sense of Wonder" where she needs to choose a wonder that God created, learn about it, and create a project. They are only supposed to be brainstorming right now...which is a great thing because the current brainstorm involves an expanding rainbow, a pulley system, multiple clouds, and lots of glitter - heaven help me!