Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surprising News

I found out this week that someone I knew from high school has died. Being 38, this was kind of a shocker! I worst thing for me was that I knew about the incident that happened, but was not aware that the victim was a person that I knew. Reading other classmates Facebook comments and seeing my classmate's obituary today made me realize that while I knew this person twenty years ago - I don't know her now. I feel sad, especially for her husband and children, but I'm not devastated. Is this because her passing has no real affect on my daily life? It does make me regret not staying in closer contact with more people from high school and college. The ones I do tend to stay in contact with are my friends that I have had since early elementary school. Am I shallow or picky? Or is it just easier to keep the circle small? I wish I knew the answer...

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