Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I got out to see my Gma and Gpa's place today. They are looking really settled it and it seems just the right size - the little bit extra of computer/office space really does make a difference.

My mom and stepdad's move went smoothly - turns out that one of the movers used to work with me back in the early 1990's at McDonalds. He said he recognized me because of my laugh and my smile - I was kind of hoping it was because I was still so skinny and twentyish looking but no such luck!

I've been ignoring my grading and working on Christmas cards today. Ended up having to order more since I underestimated how many I would need - too bad I didn't figure that out earlier as I would have got in on some big online savings!

Yesterday I went out to the Scholastic Books Warehouse Sale. Got some great deals - almost everything is 50% off cover price - St. Nick and Santa finished filling their baskets! Then I took Faith over to see my mom's new place - she approves - and on to do our shopping for the Giving Tree at church. I let Faith pick the recipients this year - you can read who is receiving the gift and what they would like (8 year old girl, clothes size 10) on an ornament ahead of time. We bought for an 8 year old girl and a 3 year old girl and I sure hope they both like pink clothing since everything Faith picked out was pink!

Gearing up for the last two weeks of school before Christmas break - things always get a little crazy with schedule changes for school programs or special Masses and possible SNOW DAYS but we will make it though! Dont know if I'll enjoy having a snow day for the extra time at home and not having to drive in the chaos or just be annoyed that I have to replan everything I had figured out for the next two weeks!

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