Friday, January 22, 2010


1. Just found out that our adoption portfolio is being looked at by a birthmom. She asked to see families that have been waiting for a "very long time" - that is certainly us!

2. Faith is showing her mom's logic. They had to pick a saint to research for school. I (knowing what the other parts of the project were) was dreading which saint she selected. She came home and told me that she had chosen St. Elizabeth Ann Seton because she was interesting, she has almost exactly Faith's same middle name, and that we already had a costume that would work for Faith to wear. That's my girl!

3. Stayed up all night on Sunday night reading the final book in Sara Donati's Wilderness Saga. I kept telling myself to go to bed but it was just so darn good! I was able to last the entire next day watching my girlfriend's kids, but then it took three full nights of extra sleep to completely catch up - I think I'm too old for all nighters!

4. I was reminded that any unusual behaviors should be checked out. My friend's mom had been acting off and the family took her to the doctor. They discovered a brain tumor - very large, very fast growing, very malignant. If she hadn't have been checked out, she might have been gone in just a few more days. Now they are hoping for a few more months or years. Hard to wrap your mind around when you've been expecting a few more decades.

5. There really is a change in interests for many boys and girls about age 8. Faith used to play happily with my friend's boys - no issues, no drama. On Monday, she kept talking about American Girl and they kept talking about Go-Go's (no clue). They finally found common ground in snow forts.

6. I am determined to embrace the craziness of Catholic Schools Week this year and NOT let it stress me out and drive me crazy. Hopefully just letting go of the idea that we might accomplish anything and then being impressed when we actually do will make it work this time around - well, and ear plugs for the 8th grade vs. Faculty Volleyball game.

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