Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still sick ....blech

Ok - so I never got better from the first end of winter cold. Woke up from a lovely Sunday nap with no voice and an incredible sore throat. I went "AHA! I have strep!" so I went to urgent care again.

Oh, no. Not strep according the the rapid test - it's viral laryngitis. Stay home for three days. Gargle. Lots of Tylenol. Lovely.

Almost done with day one and starting to feel a teeny tiny bit better. Going to go to work if I can talk on Tuesday. Urgent Care calls. Apparently my culture turned into strep when they grew it longer.

Make another day of sub plans. Quick run pick up Faith. Drop of plans. Get the last yearbook orders so I can send in the final numbers due that day. Check for the homework from the kid who was gone the entire last week of the quarter so I can try to finish report cards due the next day.

Get the kid home. Start puking. Have a high fever. Feel worse. Keep taking meds as prescibed.
Have her call her dad to come home ASAP.

Barely sleep. Still not feeling great today. Not puking. Low grade fever. Tired of being home. WTF is wrong with me?

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La Rêveuse said...

Oh honey, YUCK. I am so sorry. That just sucks. I hope you can get some sleep, and maybe watch some silly movies to make you feel better. (((Julie)))