Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall Soccer

Today was the first game that Faith's team played this season. It's a big change for them. They are used to playing 4 on 4, with no goalie, no ref, the coach on the field, and for 4 10 minute quarters.

NOW they play 6 on 6, with a goalie, a ref, the coach off the field, and for 2 25 minute halves. Plus the parents are on the other side of the field from the players so they can't go hang with mom and dad when they aren't in the game!

I was so impressed with all of the kids on the team! We only have 10 kids all together and 2 of them weren't there today. Which meant they got A LOT of playing time. No one was whining about how long they had to play or asking to be subbed out after only playing for 2 minutes - they have grown up a little bit since the spring. They are starting to catch on about what each position does, passing the ball, and dribbling it instead of just kicking it away from where you are.

They only thing that went wrong was that the manager forgot to have a parent assigned to bring a snack and beverage for after the game. So the manger (ME!) had to quick run to the grocery store during the first half and pick up some snacks and beverages. Good thing everyone liked bananas and Sunny D!

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