Saturday, September 5, 2009

Third Grade

Faith is having fun so far this year in 3rd grade - and boy does it feel strange to know that my baby is that big! She loves her teacher, likes almost all the kids in her class (most of the time!), and is even not too cranky about having homework.

She came home this week twice with math homework concepts that some of my fifth graders are having challenges with. Not my girl. I asked if she wanted me to check it over, and she said "Ok, but Mom, I know they're all right." And they were! I'm hoping it's because she's such a great mathematician not that her teacher is a better math instructor than I am!!

Her latest project is a "Sense of Wonder" where she needs to choose a wonder that God created, learn about it, and create a project. They are only supposed to be brainstorming right now...which is a great thing because the current brainstorm involves an expanding rainbow, a pulley system, multiple clouds, and lots of glitter - heaven help me!

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