Sunday, February 20, 2011

My buget email

Dear Senators,

Please take the opportunity to rethink your vote on Governor Walker's budget proposal. This is not a decision to made lightly or quickly. This decision needs to be made after each legislator has exercised due deliberation and due diligence. Neither can be achieved with the speed that this bill is being pushed through the legislature.

Everyone in the state understands that this is a tough economy. We all know that monetary concessions will need to be made, but they should be made by ALL people in the state not just some of them. We also need to consider monetary and policy points separately. Removing collective bargaining except for wages is not the type of item that should be included in a budget bill. We need to protect the many gains that have been made in our great state in the past, and stand by the rights that people have fought and died for.

Please take the time to fully examine this bill, remove the non-monetary issues, protect the right to collectively bargain, and sit down with all involved parties to find a solution. We can work together to make things better, but the key word is together. Without bringing all involved parties to the table, no good will come from this legislation.


Julie J.

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