Sunday, February 20, 2011

One response to my email

Rep. Hulsey is not my representative, but he has some great points.


Dear Friend,

I’m writing today to tell you that I share your opposition to the provisions within Governor Walker’s “budget repair” bill that would destroy a 50 year tradition of state support for the rights of working people and families in our state.

This action is beyond radical – it’s a step backward that amounts to an attack on all Wisconsin’s working families. This isn’t the way we do things in Wisconsin. We have always worked out our differences by sitting down together and reaching a reasonable compromise. Beyond that, this is being sold as a budget repair bill, but it has nothing to do with Wisconsin’s budget, and everything to do with punishing people that Governor Walker sees as his political opponents and destroying their rights.

The time for us to take action against this legislation is limited. Here’s what we can do together:

• The State Assembly will reconvene on Tuesday to consider the bill on the floor. Show up and shake the foundations of this building with your opposition as we debate the power hungry GOP representatives on the floor of the Assembly.

• Contact friends, relatives, and supporters of collective bargaining rights around the state, and urge them to contact their Republican representatives. If you know anyone in Appleton or Neenah (Senator Ellis), the LaCrosse area (Senator Kapanke), the Hudson area (Senator Harsdorf), the Ripon area (Senator Olsen), Waupun or Beaver Dam (Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald), Platteville or Dodgeville (Senator Schultz), Sheboygan or Manitowoc (Senator Leibham), the Green Bay area (Senator Cowles), Fond du Lac or Oshkosh (Senator Hopper), communication from the constituents of these Senators would be especially helpful. You can find contact information on the Legislature’s website at

• Protests continue at the state capitol building, including musical performances on Monday and major rallies every day until the people of our state are heard by this Governor.

Again, thank you for contacting me regarding this urgently important issue. You have my assurance that I will do everything possible to oppose this ridiculous overreach by the Governor. I hope you will do the same.


Brett Hulsey

State Representative

77th Assembly District

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