Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Joys of a Cardboard Box

Well it happened today. What you ask? The joy of a cardboard box. Still confused? Think back to your own childhood ... when the mail truck would actually pull into your driveway and the carrier would get out of the truck with a cardboard box. It didn't really matter what was inside the box ... the joy was in the special fact that the mail carrier came to your front door.

The doorbell rang during lunch and Faith went flying to see who was there. She was so excited to open the door and bring in the package - didn't really care the slightest what was inside (new sandals for both of us and a new school bag for me in the fall). As soon as the mysterious cardboard box was open and emptied, creativity took over.

"Can I have this box, Mom?"


"To make a doll house."

So far the doll house has three stories, an elevator, a satelite dish, red bedroom carpeting, two beds, two recliners, and a trampoline. Plans for a mermaid pool and a fairy garden were being discussed at bedtime.

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