Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer School

Yesterday was Faith's first day of summer school in our home district. It's a really great program - they have tons of enrichment classes, the teachers and topics are quite nice, and it is very affordable. The only down side is how rapidly the classes fill up - online registration starts at 6 pm one night in March and by 6:05 some of the more popular classes are full!

We had a hard time getting up yesterday morning for the 8 am class. My youngest sister had her final home marching band show on Sunday night and none of us got to bed before 11 pm. I was actually considering letting Faith stay home yesterday but she decided that she would feel more awkward starting on day two.

So off we went to try and find her classes in the summer school building. This year Faith has classes in three different buildings, but for the first two weeks they are all in one. This is the building where I attended first through third grade and seventh/eighth grade (an elementary and middle were combined into one building about 10 years ago). A few things have changed but I could still identify things like the old principal's office, the old library, etc. Faith seems to like her classes so far - the one she has for four weeks seems to be winning the "favorite" title at the moment! In that class she gets to learn about a new country each week. Her other two classes are about space and writing about animals. The other great thing is that she found another girl who is all three of the same classes - so I'm hoping that by the end of the week they will feel confident about walking from one room to another inside the same building and I won't need to show up every hour and a half to walk them from one spot to another!

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