Monday, July 13, 2009

A Possibility

We had an email from our adoption social worker this weekend. Our agency is working with an online listing of waiting parent profiles ( We can join for just a (fairly significant) monthly fee - but because of our agency connection, we don't have to pay listing or sign up fees. It might be a really good idea. It would definitely increase our visibility beyond Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We can list our social worker as the contact person. I actually think it would be kind of fun to create the profile and I've certainly had the experience after creating this blog and a classroom blog and a classroom wiki this summer.

On the downside, there is the monthly cost. It's not impossible to find the dollars, but it would mean some changes. Of course, adding another child to our family would also involve some changes! We could end up with an interstate adoption - meaning figuring out two (or more) states adoption laws, travel and possibly a long stay in another state, and a myriad of other things some of which I'm not even sure of!

We'd actually looked at this site last year but decided not to go forward as there were very few waiting families from Wisconsin and none with our agency. Now that our agency is involved ... I'm not sure what to do. Dan is even less sure. I think we need to think and pray a bit before we make a decision. Which is not something we've had time to do this weekend with all of our extended family chaos and committments. But that is another story.

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