Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to School Anxiety

Well as it is now several days past the 4th of July, I am officially in back to school gear up mode. I am starting to look around at my house and see all of my "do this summer" projects that are still in process or not even begun. My reading pile has barely shrunk because for every book I read, I seem to add one or two more to the pile.

I'm starting to wonder about class lists, and am figuring out how to get into school at least once per week to work without my children tagging along. I am wondering about tweaking my reading class once again and exactly how different our new social studies text will be. And this will be the year that I sit down with the 8th grade SS teacher and we figure out how we will teach US history so as not to both cover the same small bits to death!

I'm hoping I can convince Joy that taking naps in her crib is a good idea before she will have to at daycare this fall. I would like Faith to read a little more and watch tv a little less. I'm wondering how will we afford everything this fall - especially since I don't want to take away EVERY activity my former only child has participated in.

I wish I could feel that exercise is a priority and that it is fun to do. I wish ice cream had no calories and a full serving of fruits and vegetables. I wish I had all the time to do everything I want to do.

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